Concrete Restoration in Pittsburgh, PA 


Although we may think concrete is the toughest surface, that unfortunately isn’t the truth. Over time, concrete can quickly fade, crack, and fall apart. As a result, your Pittsburgh home or business can quickly turn into an ugly, dysfunctional eyesore because of its deteriorating concrete.

With Z Worx Construction, you don’t have to let your Pittsburgh property suffer any longer. As one of Pennsylvania’s premier surface construction companies, we have the experience, products, and tools to revitalize your concrete surface. Our professional concrete restoration services will transform any home or business.


Discover why we’re Pittsburgh’s go-to source for impeccable surface construction and exceptional craftsmanship.

Reawaken Your Floors with Concrete Restoration

Not only does concrete play a crucial role in the stability of your building, but it also goes hand-in-hand with a stunning appearance. Yet concrete by itself can’t last too long. It allows water or dirt to penetrate the surface and its top layer withers away after continued use. That’s why you need to periodically inspect your concrete surface and restore it as needed.

Concrete restoration can reawaken your floor—and property. The team at Z Worx Construction restores concrete by repairing it and giving it a facelift as well. So, the concrete surface becomes more structurally sound and better looking. Even though it’s a quick and affordable process, concrete restoration can drastically revitalize any deteriorating, unattractive surface and property



Benefits of Professional Concrete Restoration

When it comes to improving your concrete surface, there are a number of options at your disposal. For instance, you can polish the concrete or coat it in epoxy, but concrete restoration is growing in popularity among property owners. Here are some of the reasons why folks like you are wisely choosing restoration over other services.

Prevents Further Damages

Concrete that is already in bad condition is more likely to continue to degrade because it’s more vulnerable than a stronger piece of concrete. Picture it: concrete with a strong, smooth layer will keep dirt or debris from eating at it, unlike a concrete surface that has plenty of holes or divots, easily allowing all kinds of debris to ruin it. By promptly restoring your surface, you’re helping to protect it from further harm down the road.

Makes the Surface More Durable

Whether you have a commercial warehouse that sees constant foot traffic or a residential driveway that needs to beat the Pittsburgh weather, a durable surface is important. Unfortunately, your current floor that’s cracked and stained won’t offer durability for much longer. Restoring the floor with our professional services will equip the concrete to withstand vehicles, foot traffic, the sun, changing weather, and much more.

Looks Great

Invite potential customers or welcome houseguests into your property with a beautiful, uniform concrete surface. Our concrete restoration services can transform your deteriorating floor into a work of art. It’ll instantly improve the aesthetic and ambiance of any room.

More Cost Effective

Unlike replacing or coating a concrete surface, concrete restoration is by far the most cost-effective choice. It’s a straightforward process that’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

Improves Property Value

Because restoring concrete offers all of these benefits and more, it even enhances any home or business’s property value. Concrete restoration results in a surface that’ll last longer and look better, so it directly corresponds to more money in your wallet when you resell.

The Concrete Restoration Process

If you want a floor that’ll last for years, then count on the pros at Z Worx Construction to handle the job. We’ve spent years training our staff and gaining experience in the concrete restoration process. Our team has gotten it down to a science that we implement for every home and business.


1. Assessment – We first come out to your Pittsburgh property to assess the concrete floor and craft a unique solution for you.

2. Cleaning – Next, we clean the concrete to get rid of dirt, grime, and more that’ll negatively impact the surface’s function, appearance, and lifespan.

3. Repair – Once the surface is cleaned, we can then repair it as needed. This includes sealing cracks or resolving other damage as a result of wear and tear.

4. Protection – Finally, we add a protective coating that’ll ensure your surface stays looking great and functioning properly for years and years.



Our team of professionals with over 50 years of experience is ready to tailor our services directly to your needs! We do everything from surface prep to custom concrete flooring, meaning your floor will be installed carefully and thoroughly.

This high standard of work has created a culture within our company that nurtures the customer relationship better than bigger establishments would, so that calling us is like calling a friend. We work tirelessly to serve the local community here in Pittsburgh through our craft, and with that sprouts lifelong relationships that keep us up and running.


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