Whether you realize it or not, concrete sealing makes our world go round. From parks and sidewalks to warehouses and garages, concrete sealing is an eco-friendly and durable solution for many of our everyday spaces and places of business.

Today, on the Z Work Construction blog, we are going to go over seven different everyday spaces where concrete coating is a must for maintaining a smooth and durable surface that is resistant to wear and tear.

1. Garages

You park your car in the garage every day, but is it a utilitarian space that adds value to your home? A concrete coating is the first step in creating your dream garage with a floor that can withstand tire marks, oil stains, and the occasional game of darts or high school band. Concrete sealing in your garage expands your home’s space and protects the durability of your garage.

2. Driveways

Driveways look so beautiful with a new coat of concrete overlaid on top of its old and cracked surface. Concrete sealing is important for the look of your home as well as the durability of your driveway. With a smooth surface, you won’t have to worry about potholes or cracked concrete that could damage your vehicles or become a safety hazard to families and guests.

3. Warehouses

Warehouses need concrete sealing. There are no ifs and or buts when it comes to this must. Concrete sealing helps with visibility, safety, and the wear and tear from operating large machinery.

4. Sidewalks

If you are an HOA or property manager, it is important to have your sidewalks sealed and coated as well. Neighborhood safety and aesthetics are some of the most important red or green flags for new home buyers in your area. Keep your sidewalks smooth and sealed with our professional help.

5. Patios

Do you have a patio in your backyard? Concrete coatings are UV resistant and can help keep your patio looking beautiful all year round. The weather has nothing on your outdoor space when you choose a concrete coating from Z Work Construction.

6. Outdoor Basketball Courts 

Basketball courts are yet another outdoor space where concrete coatings are a must. As years go by, concrete can crack, bend up, and develop unsightly potholes. This is no good when you are trying to play ball. If you are a gym or HOA associate, our professionals will redo your basketball court lines and add a protective sealcoat.

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