Epoxy flooring in Pittsburgh can instantly take a drab, cracked concrete floor to a smooth, slip-resistant surface with colorful flakes and metallics.

Are you considering epoxy coatings for your floors? At Z Worx Construction, we are the number one independent company providing flake and solid-color epoxy coatings in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and surrounding areas.

We apply impressive coating options that can turn a concrete slab into an impeccably finished, durable surface, whether it’s a driveway, garage, or fleet parking area. Our technicians have decades of combined experience installing a wide range of quality materials and protectants for concrete and stone floors.

Learn all about epoxy and how it is the perfect choice to elevate and protect your concrete floor.

The Beauty of Epoxy Flooring: Elevating Spaces with Confidence

Bare concrete slabs are naturally porous. Without protective coatings, they will host mold colonies and accumulate permanent stains that might compromise their structural integrity in less than a decade.

Epoxy coatings help concrete floors last longer and look more beautiful for a cost-efficient price. Epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea coatings are in thousands of commercial and residential spaces across Pittsburgh. Our technicians offer all three and believe each can be a solid option depending on your needs.

Epoxy upgrades indoor living spaces without a significant financial investment. It is much cheaper than polyaspartic and polyurea. Our technicians install one or two coats of epoxy to cover the billions of tiny holes cured concrete slabs form, eliminating the risk of thermal damage and moisture intrusion for decades.

We recommend combining epoxy layers with a polyaspartic or polyurea topcoat for optimum longevity.

Versatility and Customization: Unleashing the Potential of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is slow-curing. While polyurea and polyaspartic require only a few hours to dry, epoxy usually cures in 12 to 18 hours, allowing technicians to blend it with various colors, flakes, and metallic overlays during installation.

Epoxy also provides a unique high-gloss finish. It is an excellent choice for basements, production floors, and other areas with little natural light. It reflects the artificial light from overhead bulbs and windows, making poorly illuminated spaces appear bright and spacious.

Here are a few of the many creative ways our clients use epoxy to improve their homes and businesses:

  • Schools and daycare centers can use high-gloss blue epoxy to simulate ocean waves, creating a playful space that resembles an aqueous planet.
  • Office lobbies often use solid-color epoxy to create a seamless, professional look.
  • Epoxy flake coatings benefit garage and commercial parking structures by hiding smudges and tire tracks on floors.
  • Metallic epoxy floors look great in gaming rooms, barber shops, and other informal spaces.

Durability and Resilience: The Strength of Epoxy Flooring

Durability is the most sought-after quality of epoxy flooring. Numerous manufacturers promise that their products can add decades to the lives of concrete floors. At Z Worx Construction, we exclusively use coatings from Sherwin-Williams and General Polymers to help us fulfill our warranties to clients.

Epoxy flooring offers the following benefits:

  • Long-lasting protection. Epoxy coats last an average of 10 to 20 years without needing reapplication. However, your floor’s lifespan may vary depending on foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Zero structural issues. Chemical spills and moisture penetration can cause bare concrete slabs to spall and erode. Epoxy creates a waterproof barrier that helps concrete floors outlive wood and stone.
  • No additional maintenance requirements. You can install epoxy flooring to reduce maintenance, as it prevents dirt and mold accumulation for decades. You only need a mop and a broom to keep epoxy floors looking brand-new.
  • Optimal cost-efficiency. Epoxy resin coatings are cheap to manufacture, so you get the best price-to-performance ratios in the flooring industry.
  • Unlimited additive options. You can add slip and thermal-resistant additives to make your epoxy floors immune to hot tire marks and skidding.
  • Low VOC. Our epoxy coatings feature low volatile organic compounds, allowing for a safe application process with minimal fumes.

Trust Z Worx Constructions for Your Epoxy Flooring Project

Z Worx Construction is a family-owned company providing quality epoxy flooring in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We treat our customers like our family members, offering free upfront quotes with no hidden charges and honest timelines for project completion.

Our technicians are licensed and insured. We use state-of-the-art tools to keep our services cost-efficient and project turnaround times short. Our work earns dozens of stellar reviews on Google and independent review websites every month, and we would love for yours to be our latest.

Over the years, we’ve completed over 15 million square feet of completed epoxy projects, covering various living and commercial spaces.

Unlicensed crews offering floor coatings for cheap are dime-a-dozen, so we offer five-year warranties on our polyurea and polyaspartic floors and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for professional work that they cannot match.

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When you call us for epoxy flooring installation, a technician will listen to your needs and schedule a site inspection. We will arrive on time and assess your concrete slabs and the potential environmental challenges your brand-new coat might face. At the end of our assessment, we will recommend whether epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic, or a combination of all three will fit your needs.

We will create a project timeline, which we will follow to the letter, and provide you with a free quote. Call us at Z Worx Construction today at 412-226-4479 to get started.