Concrete floors are durable, but over time end up with huge cracks that are ugly and unsafe. You may not realize that you don’t have to resign yourself to dealing with a damaged concrete floor. Epoxy systems are a great way to strengthen your concrete floor and personalize the space with a pop of color.

Epoxy flooring works with every decorating style. The Z Worx Construction team in Pittsburgh, PA, can help you choose the best style of epoxy coating for your home or commercial building.

Choices in Epoxy Floors

From classic to eclectic, epoxy floors come in a wide range of colors to match any style. When shopping for the perfect epoxy style, keep in mind the reason you need an epoxy coating. Is it for looks, safety, or to protect a new build?

Here are a few choices to customize and protect your concrete surfaces:

Classic Glossy Concrete

If you love the industrial look of concrete, this is a great choice. Our professionals begin by smoothing out the concrete floor and repairing any cracks or divots. Once the area is smooth, our team applies clear epoxy to the concrete.

This option is great for outdoor patios, concrete walkways, and garage floors. The epoxy makes the surface less slippery so it’s safe for outdoor use. An added UV coating can protect the area from harsh sun exposure.

Dazzling Metallic Coating

Metallic epoxy adds an element of fun to an otherwise drab floor. Metallic coatings add pizazz to finished basements and renovated kitchens. It also looks great in commercial spaces like restaurants and schools.

The color and type of metallic epoxy determine the look it provides to the room. Choose copper for a cozy kitchen or a color-changing green and purple mix for a game room. If you can dream it up, we can put it on your floor.

Popular Flake Flooring

When you think of epoxy flooring, you probably imagine a flake coating. The flakes come in a wide variety of colors. Vinyl, dried paint, or sometimes metal are typical materials for the flakes. A protective layer of resin goes over the flakes to protect them.

Flake epoxy systems are durable and non-slip. If the top layer starts to show damage, a professional can restore the resin layer and the floor will look brand new with minimal effort. Flake floors are a good choice for a fun and professional vibe, like offices or even appliance stores.

Anti-Static Coating

This option is great for protecting a space from incidents involving flammables or buildings in areas with a high occurrence of lightning strikes. Anti-static epoxy helps prevent static shock that could start a fire in an unstable area. Anti-static coating is ideal for a garage that also acts as a chemical storage area.

Quartz Additive Epoxy

In areas where safety is of utmost importance, quartz epoxy is a good choice. The texture prevents slipping even in wet conditions. You may have seen quartz additive epoxy in busy restrooms or sports arenas.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is typically seen on concrete surfaces, but did you know it also enhances wood and steel surfaces?  Epoxy is a great way to protect these types of flooring without incurring the cost of fully replacing the existing floor.

Moisture Control

Epoxy is moisture resistant. In bathrooms, kitchens, or damp basements, epoxy coating protects the structure of the building against mold exposure. A mold infestation could lead to serious structural damage if it goes undetected.

Minimal Cleaning Effort

Under normal conditions, epoxy floors just need a weekly sweeping and mopping. Sweeping prevents loose debris from acting like sandpaper on epoxy floors, especially in high-traffic areas like garages.

Mopping with a gentle cleanser just as you would any other surface prevents stains and buildup from forming. Regular cleaning will maintain an epoxy floor for many years.

Long Lifespan

With a regular cleaning routine, an epoxy floor can last over 20 years. Unlike other types of flooring, the initial installation cost may be the only cost you have to worry about for years.

Epoxy is so durable that it can withstand heavy machinery driving over the surface in a commercial setting. It can also handle animals running around the home without getting scratched. Epoxy floor coverings are a smart, long-term choice.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s vital to take every possible measure to help sustain the environment. Epoxy flooring is a great choice for those who don’t want to live with flooring that produces volatile organic compounds like some flooring options.

Epoxy does not produce any toxic fumes during application or as it goes through temperature changes. It is safe for immuno-compromised family members who may suffer from allergens in other types of flooring.

Epoxy Flooring in Pittsburgh

If you try to cut costs by installing your own epoxy flooring, it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Epoxy coating is more complicated than just pouring epoxy and letting it dry.

Without preparing the area and then applying the coating the right way, you will quickly start to see cracking or peeling. You’ll end up calling a professional to remedy the problem, costing more money than it would have if you had called them in the first place.

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