Starting the process of building a patio in Pittsburgh can feel overwhelming. You may have no idea what’s involved or you may even be afraid that you’re going to end up with something you don’t like.

So you might be asking yourself…where do I begin?

Here’s a few questions to help guide you to the perfect patio build in the Pittsburgh Area!

How will you use the outdoor patio space?

Do you just need a builder for a small patio? Only big enough to fit a table and chairs? Or are you looking for more of an entertainment space with a patio that would fit multiple furniture sets?

The answer to how you will use the patio will dictate the size that your patio needs to be in order to accommodate all your needs.

What style of patio do I want?

Take a look online at existing patios and get some sense of what you like in terms of the look and style of a patio. You should look at everything from the shape of the patio to the material that is used and keep tabs on what you like.

How is this patio going to affect our current drainage?

A patio should help drainage in your yard, not harm it. We understand drainage and take this into consideration when building a patio for residential or commercial needs.

As always, please send us your patio building questions and we will be happy to answer them!