There are several reasons that home and property owners will choose one type of flooring over another in their renovation projects, much of which comes down to cost and personal taste. Here are some of the reasons that epoxy flooring in Pittsburgh PA is continuing to become a more popular option for flooring.

Better Floor Protection

One of the best reasons to invest in epoxy flooring is for the additional protection it lends to flooring surfaces. Not only will an epoxy coated floor have better protection, it will often be a lot easier to clean. This is particularly important to consider if you want to include epoxy in your garage flooring updates. This flooring holds up better to typical wear and tear compared to uncoated floors, and doesn’t allow for spilled fluids like oil to seep into the flooring, leaving stains.


Epoxy is durable and long-lasting. Compared to other alternatives on the market, epoxy has a lower rate of repairs, with less extensive maintenance having to be done. This type of flooring can go years without maintenance or repair in a normal home or commercial environment. Other flooring options may require painting or re-treatment on a regular basis in order to maintain the initial aesthetic.

Epoxy Flooring and Safety

When considering coating options for any flooring surface, safety should be a top consideration. Epoxy flooring is resistant to temperature fluctuations, slippage, and fire damage. These factors have led epoxy to become prominent in a lot of commercial flooring installations, including medical buildings, as well as homes and garages.

Increasing Home Value

The way your home looks plays a large role in determining the overall value and how much you can get for the home when you choose to sell. Believe it or not, a lot of potential homeowners will look at the condition of the flooring when it comes to making the decision on whether or not to put in a bid on the home. Additionally, improving your flooring means that you can often ask more for your home than otherwise. Epoxy flooring comes in a number of colors and styles, so you can use it to add appeal to your home as well as value.